Roxy Raquel is an “over-the-hill” 39 year old actress, struggling with the fact that she has not worked in several years. She’s become more infamous than famous because of her diva / over-the-top personality and debilitating cocaine addiction, which has brought her career to a standstill. Roxy was born in Detroit but was intent on following her childhood dreams of becoming an actress. On the day she turned 18, not wanting to waste her looks and talents in a place like Detroit, she jumped on a train to Los Angeles, changed her name and cut every tie she had, including her family. Stardom came early and easily for Roxy, so she took her career for granted. When she stopped getting audition callbacks and became too old for starring roles, Roxy developed a deep sense of insecurity, learning to mask it with drugs. Ultimately, Roxy had to resort to doing something she vowed she’d never do, return to Detroit; where she spiraled into a full-blown addiction. 

PLAYED by LaNika Wise