Shiek Mahmud-Bey and Paris Jones created this gripping dramatic series.

Set in the present, The Inner Circle features an amazing multicultural cast of characters and their everyday challenges to survive.  In The Inner Circle addiction is the antagonistic backdrop and the psychological undercurrents involved. Through these characters our audience is taken on a ride of unpredictability, at times even an emotional roller-coaster. Each week’s episode is filled with topics that are bold and real, leaving a visceral effect on anyone who is in recovery or knows someone living in recovery. We created The Inner Circle with the purpose of capturing the real-life human struggles of people fighting through their recovery and the peripheral effect it has on their loved ones. The Inner Circle is a gritty drama touched with bits of humor, twists and turns that will totally keep the audience engaged while they journey with the characters as they search for healing, asking such questions as “Why me?” and “How did I get here?” The Inner Circle is a show that represents people, therefore, we intentionally casted multicultural actors to mirror the demographics of our audience - regular people. We purposely did not cast the familiar faces of famous actors. We desired for our audience to connect with the characters by seeing themselves or someone that they can identify with. We created real-life struggles and circumstances that are conceivable. Whether it is to find the basic essentials to live or fighting to achieve a personal goal. The Inner Circle is a powerful show that we know will resonate with audiences.    

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