Dr. Ben Taylor 

Dr. Ben is the picture of calm and control. He has the quiet confidence of a self-made man and the swagger of someone who has achieved his goals. Most would describe Dr. Ben as cool and accomplished, his patients will tell you he is a tough yet compassionate disciplinarian, but those who know him best understand that beneath all that is a complex man with a strong need for control, order and an intense passion for his work. As the Founder and Chief Psychiatrist at The Brentwood Center for Recovery, Dr. Ben operates a drug rehabilitation facility that is one of Detroit’s most successful 28-day in-patient addiction recovery programs. Dr. Ben, the quintessential overachiever, obtained a Masters Degree from Wayne State University along with a Phd and MD from Michigan State University.

Born to a 13 year-old drug addicted prostitute, Dr. Ben  watched his mother struggle with her addiction for twelve years as he went in and out of foster homes until his mother was sentenced to three years in prison. It was then, at the age of 16, that Ben found foster parents who nurtured and encourage him in a loving home. 

Now married to his college sweetheart for twenty years, Dr Ben and his wife are raising their 18-year-old daughter, Jada in what appears to be an idyllic life.  However, he finds himself struggling with the growing dysfunction in his family.  Although his mother's drug use inspired him to become an addiction counselor, Dr. Ben harbors a strong resentment for her. The only way he can manage his feelings is to bury them in his work, accomplishing for others what he could not do for his mother.


Played by Shiek Mahmud-Bey