THE INNER CIRCLE, is a one-hour drama set in Detroit, Michigan, centering on the lives of rehab patients in a 28-day, in-patient addiction recovery program. The Brentwood Center for Recovery (BCR) is a privately owned, government funded facility and the brainchild of Founder and Chief Psychiatrist, Dr. Ben Taylor. As a labor of love, Dr. Ben Taylor renovated a brownstone, opened the doors five years ago and has made it his life’s mission to aid in addiction recovery.

Taking us into the core of addiction, THE INNER CIRCLE shows us how not only the patients are suffering but also the people who love them. Each episode brings us deeper into each of the member's lives and closer to understanding their pain as well as the circumstances that led them to ‘rock bottom’. Through intense group therapy, members from different races, religions, socio-economic backgrounds and generations sometimes bond over the one thing they have in common, addiction.

While THE INNER CIRCLE symbolizes the patients in the group it also represents the inner circle of deep, debilitating pain that addicts cover up with layers of denial, lies, and self-loathing. 

The resulting compulsive behaviors, which the members sometimes can no longer control, lead them to The BCR; some by choice, some by family interventions and some by court order. No matter the circumstances, the common goal is to help them learn that addiction is a symptom of a deeper issue. By uncovering that issue and learning to live life without their crutch they can begin to heal. Each week as we peel away their layers, we see, this is much easier said than done.